N O T E S    F R O M    T H E     S O U T H









“What’s the use of fighting if there’s nothing to preserve? 
What’s the use if there’s no beauty, there’s no grace, there’s no tenderness, there’s no gentleness?”


"I don’t believe psychopaths necessarily rise to the top, 
but an unaccountable system almost guarantees that sociopaths do."
"Why are we prepared to com-promise that political history in order to speed a transition and a historical compromise with Afrikaans power?"
"Poetry is the voice in the back of the mind. We speak in inadequate sentences but we think in poetry."
" I think that we should be able to judge the evolution of human society to the extent that freedoms of people, women, children, and so on, are increasing all the time."
"When I speak French in Paris I speak it with an American accent, which makes every-body feel sort of like, 'he's fine. We don't have to worry about how long his visa's for'."

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